I have pulled together a short series of yoga classes to help you to let go of both physical and mental tension through the movement of your body. Each class has been created to allow you to explore health and balance in various parts of your body, your nervous system and immune system. It is perfect for those who are recovering from sickness, or have been feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders lately. Perhaps a little run down, living with an element of stress as many of us are right now in these unpredictable times. 

This series of classes offers you an invitation to slow down and be witness to the movements within your body and how that has a positive impact on your mental state of being too.

My recommendation is that you set aside a 5 day window in your week, where you commit to showing up for yourself each and every day for 1 full hour of quality "YOU time". Focus on the classes as they are outlined below in terms of order. Each one is designed to build on from the benefits of the one right before. Set up a quiet spot within your home, perhaps set some incense or candles and have all of your props nearby so that you have a calm space to arrive into. Try to keep the space set or area to use each day, and where possible try to commit to the same time of day every day. This encourages you to feel as though you are attending an actual class and stick to the commitment that you have made to yourself.

Here are the classes, each one lasts one hour:

  • Immunity Flow
  • Balance Your Systems
  • Slow Down to Find Focus
  • Soothing Destress

And then once you feel calmer and more grounded, enjoy this little calmly energizing class:

  • Start Your Day with Energy & Focus


Stress Release Bundle